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Simile poll

So, earlier today I used a simile that I’m not particularly happy with. It may be a good simile but I don’t think it had much imagination put into it. I’m disappointed in myself.

Help me decide what is the best simile…

Strangely Nikolai


Feel sorry for me

I has a booboo. This little foray into my personal life is probably not of any interest to normal blog readers (what is a “normal” blog reader?)¬† and may put people off reading in the future what has been up to now generally inane musings and hopefully humourous randomnimity. So please forgive me this vanity post. I’m in pain.

A brunette goes to the doctor and as she touches each part of her body with her finger she says, “Doctor it hurts everywhere. My leg hurts, my arm hurts, my neck hurts, and even my head hurts!” The doctor asks, “Were you ever a Blonde?”. “Yes, I was.” she replies. “Why do you ask?”. The doctor answers, “because your finger is broken!”

It’s an oldie but a baddie.

This is a phone pic so not the best, but yeah I smashed my index fingernail into a nail (a nail nail, or a wall nail, anyway it was metal and sticking out of the wall and about 15 cm long. Like proper big.) and it fecking hurts (I’m not swearing in this post ūüėČ ). It doesn’t help that I’m a 3 finger typer so every time I forget and hit a key with that finger I get pain shooting up my arm. Right now, I’m suffering for my art. If you can call this art. I really effing hope I don’t lose the fingernail. That would suck harder than paris hilton.

The good news is that the door and wall which had the nail in it is now dead. I killed it. I am the wallslayer. Fear my wally wrath. Grrr.

Today I will kill another wall, tomorrow we will have a “new” kitchen door, and in the next few weeks, a new kitchen. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Strangely Nikolai

What I hate today… black socks

Today I hate black socks. Racist. Who you callin’ a racist? You. Well, me. And you, where you = me. For all youse, where you equals me, I hate you. No I don’t. I hate black socks. Confused? Me too. Maybe I should actually edit my thoughts before spewing them out onto the page…. nah…

Disclaimer: this post may be filled with ramblings that have no connection to your life. Actually, you could replace the words ‘this post’ with ‘this blog’ or ‘my life’ and the statement would still be true.

So why do I hate black socks? Is¬†it some national sports team ala the All Blacks, the Black Ferns, the Black Sticks etc… (or for american peeps Red Sox)? Or is¬†it crazy-young-person-slang for something hateful? No. Actually the Black Socks¬†does refer to the New Zealand softball team but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about socks that are black. If you clicked on those last two links I feel sorry for how boring your life must be. I mean, I would be curious enough to hover over them, but once I saw they were just wikipedia links to “socks” and “black” I wouldn’t go there.

So “Why?” I hear you ask.¬†Why are you hating on hosiery items that do not reflect any light in the visible spectrum? The thing is, it’s often not so much the socks themselves, but all the things they represent, and all of the challenges that come with that. I’m wearing black socks today – I don’t particularly hate this pair of socks, but I do hate some of my pairs of¬†black socks.

This is getting confuzzled. Ok, here are two things I hate. Like really really hate. With a burning passion. Actually, more like things I avoid (with a burning passion).¬†1) pairing up socks. 2) wearing suits to work. 3) elastic bands that cut in. So if you put all 3 of these two things together you get – black office socks. Which for some reason always have stupidly tight elastic at the top that cuts into your ankle (as an aside, I apparently have huge ankles. Not fat, like cankles. Just¬†ginourmous ankle bones. I can’t comfortably wear roller¬†blades (Oh no!), so I would never survive as a¬†gay man in Los Angeles), and they are impossible to find a match to in the washing basket.

So I’m gradually throwing away my black socks. Why gradually? Why not throw them all out in one go? Well, two reasons. Firstly, I’ve already washed them so that seems like a bit of a waste. And secondly, taking off my socks at the end of a long, hard day (well… a ‘day’. I won’t pretend I work hard. How long have I been writing this blog already? And it’s almost my lunch break…) and throwing them straight in the bin makes me feel like a bit of a rock star. Oh yeah. I can afford to throw my socks out each day. That’s right. I’m fucking gangsta.

And fuck the man for telling me what I can and can’t wear to work! Are you my mummy that you feel the need to dress me? Fuck off bitch, just cos your fashion sense runs to the uptight-power-mad-bitch-who-feels-like-she-has-to-push-people-around-so-they’ll-respect-her-authority (UPMBWFLSHTPPASTRHA – acronym of the week). I’ll wear dress pants, but a jeans style cut. I’ll wear shirts, but funky shirts. I’ll wear leather shoes, but the most sneakery leather shoes I can find. And I’m not going to wear black socks anymore! Oh yeah. I’m starting a revolution.

Colourful socks. How sad is that? I’ve just realised I’m becoming ‘that guy’ in the office.

Strangely Nikolai

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