Strange Nikolai

not a stormtrooper


You know what I like? Probably not, why would you?

Did you say Cheese?? Hells yes I like cheese. But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. (Please note I am using the term ‘Hells yes’ in an ironic-I’m-not-really-a-gansgta way… see you’re learning stuff about me already. Try to stop. Please.)

No, what I like is the fact that this post is not First (which is why I called it First. It makes sense to me. Shut up man). I’ve been putting off starting blogging cos (yes, that says cos. like the lettuce. deal with it) I thought there would be all sorts of pressure to make your first post be all kinds of awesome. BUT NO! I sign up and WordPress kindly created a first post for me – with the amazingly original name of Hello World! Thanks WordPress!! 😀

So I’m probably being a blogging n00b or something leaving that post on my blog – I bet you’re meant to delete it straight away or sumfing, but you know what? Fuck that. I like it – it’s kitsch. I wonder if the WordPress devs were going for kitsch, or if they think “Hello World” is actually cool.

Lord knows I’ve created many a “Hello World” app myself over the years. And by “Lord” I don’t mean to give you the impression I’m all religiony. Religiony? Religilous?  Religilous rhymes with ridiculous. I’m just saying…

Strangely Nikolai.


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