Strange Nikolai

not a stormtrooper

Destiny. A poem.

Destiny, Fate and Luck                 (did I mention it was a rhyming poem? and purposely crappy?)
Like chicken, goose and duck        (it’s not surrealism – it’s a metaphor… just keep reading)
So many feathers to pluck             (see!)
Before in you may tuck                 (force that word to fit!)
You run amok                              (amok is how you should spell it – though it is said amuck)
and come unstuck                        (why do we “come” unstuck? why don’t we “go” unstuck?)
You shovel muck                          (you may have noticed the tempo has changed in this middle bit)
to make a buck                            (that is on purpose – you’re meant to read these lines faster)
You preen and pluck                     (oops. I’ve used this rhyme twice. But I like this line)
When you’re heartstruck                (struck to the heart, and you’re to blame…)
But end up looking a schmuck      (and now it slows down again)
And friends just say ‘bad luck’      (in case you haven’t realised, I’m introducing the idea of what Luck is)

Luck, Destiny and Fate                   (and now I start on Fate. Destiny doesn’t rhyme with anything)
Sits on us like a weight                   (like your momma)
Do not procrastinate!                      (I thought about using “prevaricate” here – but it’s a bit poncy)
it’s time to find a mate!                   (this verse has a clearer direction)
Your goal on dates?                        (I wrote gaol on dates and had a little chuckle to myself).
to fornicate.                                  (<— Set course heading )
but cocktease Kate                         (this is no-one in particular, just a name that rhymes)
likes to frustrate                             (I like this rhyme)
inebriate                                        (I know this is a verb, not an adjective. it’s called poetic license)
you’ll masturbate                            (obviously I had to get this word in somewhere)
For love, is it too late?                    (*wistful*)
Oh fickle fronds of fate.                  (check it out, alliteration!)

Oh Destiny, Fate and Luck, they SUCK!
And Luck, Destiny and Fate, I HATE!
So Fate, Destiny and Luck, get FUCKED!


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5 thoughts on “Destiny. A poem.

  1. Destiny depressingly and messily got the best of me
    It molested me, it ingested me, it digested me, intestinally
    Presently it’s intentionally pressing me so stressfully
    Definitely I bet that we could never best that destiny


    • I was driving in my Jeep Grand Cherokee
      on Sesame
      Street when suddenly
      struck me
      well actually
      it was a legacy
      you can gaurantee
      that’s a felony
      even in Tennessee
      so his penalty
      was leprosy
      which today is now a rarity,

      sorry for this parody
      of your melody
      i hope it causes no jealousy
      and secondly
      would you like my lasagne recipe?
      I shot the Sherriff

    • I may use this tonight…

  2. You guys are gANGSTa.

  3. Aaron dude! I had no idea Tennessee had brought back the Leprosy-penalty for hit’n’runs. They abolished that ages ago.

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