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I’m having a bad day. I found out today that I don’t like marmite. Who knew?? Maybe it just UK marmite that I don’t like – I’m sure I used to. That, or the cottage cheese was off… I probably like vegemite – I never thought there was much difference till now…

Normally if I was having a bad day, I’d get angry at something random and do a hate-rant about it which would be nice and cathartic – but today… today is different. Rather than talk about hate, let us just notice some of the cooler things people come up with…

This is genius

Here’s another genius thing I found last night after swimming at the pool. There is some possibility I may get made fun of here in the vein of “OMG, I can’t believe you’ve never seen those before, they’re like, sooo common right now… you n00b” but I have never seen these before and I think they are absolute genius. What is the worst thing about trying to make going to the pool a habit?? If you said “carrying around your wet togs afterwards” then you are correct! If you said anything else, – Sorry, Not a winning ticket.

So they have these machines in the changing room which you put your togs into and it a motor spins them round until they are practically dry. Amazing! And free.

Actually the worst thing about swimming might be foot/calf cramp… Should a cramp last more than a day? Should I be worried?

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