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L’Empereur Vader!

As an update to yesterday’s post, I also found this which is based on the same painting.

So with some jiggery pokery image manipulation I have created what I think is one of the best villians from “A long time ago…”.

Vader T-Rex

Darth Vader on a T-Rex! Your argument is invalid.

And with a white background this is my new fussbook avatar.

Strangely Nikolai



I am engaged. Not like I’m on the phone and you’re trying to call me, but engaged like I’m going to get married. Wow. Why am I telling you? Who are you anyway? And how did you get into my house? I suppose that’s not important right now…

So apparently I wasn’t so good at announcing it and some people just found out. Um, I changed my relationship status on fussbook?!? Is that not enough for you people??? … j/k you guys are cool… 😐

I keep forgetting to tell my grandmother though. She’s not on fussbook. Why not? Because she is 93 and doesn’t own a computer. So don’t try and add her as a friend. She won’t accept. She is a bit racist, like most old peeps, so she wouldn’t add you anyway.

So for those people who want to know all the gory details, well, you’re out of luck. Cos it wasn’t gory. But there was a T-Rex involved. Confusing? I hope so.


It was only a picture. I drew it (the pic should be to the right if it uploads properly – which it doesn’t look like it’s doing. Arrrrrggghh. Ooo, there it is. Check out the AWESOME shading on that shizz).

And got it printed on a t-shirt (classy ay?). And gave her the t-shirt for her birthday (July 30th). The T-Rex thing is kinda a running joke between us. There was a real ring too (what kind of cheapskate do you think I am?). It was attached to the t-shirt.

So yeah, I’ve spent the last couple of weekends looking at wedding venues and thinking aboot guest lists and sample menus and invitations and flowers and marquees and courtesy buses and photographers and DJs and wine and coffeeeeee. To be fair, I think about wine and coffee anyway. And cheese.

Strangely Nikolai

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