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I wish I lived in Berlin…

World War 1 has come to an end

the German economy is on the mend

the Euro is what I’d like to spend

I wish I lived in Berlin.

In Germany things are built to last

And their cars go really fast

The autobahn* is unsurpassed

I wish I lived in Berlin.

Blutwurst is my favourite meat

German beer cannot be beat

And this new shop** is really neat

I wish I lived in Berlin.

I’ve heard the women are quite mad

but honestly, is that so bad?

check out this german dating ad!

I wish I lived in Berlin.

Explore the city on the tram

Train to Paris or Amsterdam

Vienna, Prague or Zurich? Bam***!

I wish I lived in Berlin.

Ich liebe den deutschen Akzent

Sie sprechen so effizient

Ich spreche Deutsches inkompetent

Ich w√ľnschte, ich lebte in Berlin

But, would the germans laugh at me?

Would I break the rules and be too free??

The max temp is twenty-three?!?

I’m glad I don’t live in Berlin.

Strangely Nikolai

* if you click just one link, I recommend this one

** this link is actually what inspired this whole post

*** this link is irrelephant to the post.


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