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9 to 5 g33k

Hello, my name is Nikolai and I am a geek. It’s been 12 months since my last rebuild.

The other day I got a comment added (to the post with the meat scissors randomly?) that just said “this is dumb, your blog sux, you sound like a wannabe geek”. I deleted it cos I can’t be fucked dealing with fucktards like that – but it got me thinking, am I a wannabe geek?

Hells no! If anything I’m a don’t-wannabe geek. I’m not a real geek, I only pretend while I’m at work. I’m a 9 to 5 geek. I don’t even have a real computer at home, I just have a netbook and a flash drive. Although by knowing the difference I guess I am somewhat geeky.

Or is that nerdy? What’s the difference between a nerd and a geek? There a heaps of “definitions” on tinterweb – mostly that focus on how nerds have little to no social skills – but I quite like this one…

Or one that a friend of mine came up with. A geek has at least seen boobs on the internet. That wouldn’t have even crossed a nerd’s mind.

Here’s a basic test.

q1) Do you know the difference between HTML and XML, RAM and ROM?

No. You are not a geek or a nerd. Go away.


q2) How often do you shower?

<1 times a day. You are a nerd.

>2 times a day. You are a nerd with OCD.


q3) Have you ever worn a bumbag? (exceptions: costume parties, and when your parents dressed you – as long as you were under 5 when they dressed you, otherwise you are definately a nerd)

Yes. You are a nerd.

No. You’re probably a geek. But you might be a nerd. Or you might be a geek with nerd tendencies. Or one of those rare nerds that can talk to people.

I’m probably a geek. And sometimes I spell that g33k. Which means I’m becoming more geeky. I never meant to be a geek. It just happened. It doesn’t mean anything to me. I love you really, Arts Degree. You were my first. Well, actually I got a science degree first, but it was psychology, which is kinda on the border. Like how sex with a she-male doesn’t make you gay, as long as you originally thought it was a girl.

Sorry, you’re learning stuff about me again. Stop that!

Strangely Nikolai


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