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New Theme…

New theme, new theme, new theme. Why? Because. Just because.

Yes, it might have something to do with the fact I haven’t blogged in over a year. Things have changed since then (the WP admin site is changed so much I wrote this all in the wrong place and wondered for a whole day why I couldn’t see it on my main site… yes I’m blaming the site for changing, I didn’t forget how to WordPress… nope.. nosiree bob… all them… not me… you can’t prove nuffin).

And not just with WordPress Inc. (or whatever it is) but with me too. Oh I’m still the same grumpy person appreciating the funny side of tinternet and tworld in general – but I also got married, had a baby (well my wife did – ha ha, such a funny and original joke) not to mention had another “blog” going on the side (actually a webcomic – it’s on a bit of a break now as I just don’t have time to draw…)

So what brought me back? Honestly – I read another (very funny) blog, liked and followed, then they commented on one of my old posts (thanks Kate!), I got an email and had to authorise it in the dashboard (wow – this is sounding like a boring process). Anyway it brought me back into my blog and I realised I missed it and didn’t like the design.

Also, I need some escapism right now. Work is all stress at the moment, and the weather is meh. My baby boy Jack is awesome, but hard work too.

So what shall we talk about?



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One thought on “New Theme…

  1. I know what you should talk about, good Nikolai.

    You should write. You told me you needed to get back into writing, so get back into writing. Get back into it. Do it. Do that. Do writing. Go writing. Go team! There’s no I in team. I am the walrus. It’s the eye of the tiger. Tiger Woods. Woody Allen. Tim Allen. Tim Tams. Tampons. Tampax. Packs of crisps. Crispy apples. Apple sauce. BBQ sauce. Texas BBQ. Texas tea. Teabags! Bilbo Baggins. Billboards. Boarding school. Schoolhouse. Little house on the prairie. Prairie dogs. Raining cats and dogs. Hot dogs. Hot pants. Pints. Cider. Insider. Insider trading!

    Anyway, you should write a story. I think that’s the point I’m trying to make.

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